Imagine If Everyone Went to the Gym.

Imagine a world where every person, from your parents to the bus driver and even the barista who brewed your morning coffee, embraced the power of fitness.

If exercise has the potential to transform individuals, then it undoubtedly holds the key to enhancing entire communities.

Would the world be a different place?

To bring about a world where everyone discovers their unique path to fitness, we made a bold move. We broke away from a national franchise to establish ourselves as an independent San Francisco Bay Area brand.

This newfound independence allowed us to shape our own identity, rooted in a powerful Mission.

Our Mission

Creating Opportunities

Realizing Potential

At the core of our mission is the belief that a gym should be more than a place to work out; it should be a vibrant support network for everyone. Our commitment extends beyond the gym walls, reaching organizations that are making a positive impact in our community.

Whether it's cleaning the streets of our city...

offering support to individuals struggling with addiction...

or rescuing elderly dogs to provide them with comfortable homes, we stand by those who do amazing things!

Built by Brothers

Our journey began with a shared passion between two brothers, Zsolt and Sebastyen Jackovics.

What started as a personal commitment to health and wellness has blossomed into a collective of vibrant locations across the Bay Area.

Their inspiration has guided us to prioritize health and well-being in our lives and the lives of those we serve.

A gym should be a support network.

Our 3 Pillars of Wellness


This pillar encompasses the harmony of active movement, proper nutrition, and restful sleep. It's about nurturing your body to thrive.


We emphasize emotional awareness, balance, and readiness to face life's challenges. It's about nurturing your mind.


Building connections, a sense of belonging, and a robust support system are the essence of this pillar. It's about nurturing your community.

We broke away from a national franchise to become an independent San Francisco Bay Area brand.

This gave us the opportunity to build our own identity.

We might not be able to lift up everything...

We may not have the power to lift everything, but together, we can lift each other.

So, envision a world where everyone prioritizes their well-being.

In this world, your parents breathe easier...

...the bus driver discovers the joy of weekly dance classes...

...and that barista finds her confidence in Olympic Weightlifting.

While achieving perfection may remain an elusive goal, striving for a better world is within our grasp. If everyone embraced the gym, the world would undoubtedly become a better place to live.

Join us in this inspiring journey towards a healthier and more vibrant community.

It begins with you.

...but at least we can lift each other!


Based on the results of your Check-Up, your Personal Trainer will make a recommendation on the best program for you (at an additional cost), which includes:

scheduled workouts

Once you move forward with a training program, your Personal Trainer will provide you with scheduled workouts, education, and accountability. **cut this??**


FITNESS SF is a proud partner and sits on the board of the California Fitness Alliance. CFA is focused on advocating for the fitness industry in California by increasing access to exercise for all Californians, advocating for physical activity to be considered part of the healthcare system, and educating policy makers, media and the public about the essential role of the fitness industry. CFA represents thousands of fitness operators of all sizes, fitness professionals and fitness industry vendors and suppliers. Learn more here: