It may be surprising to know that we were once part of a large, internationally known fitness chain. And you know what? Something wasn’t quite right.

Seeking a more local, community-driven approach towards health, fitness and overall wellness, we decided to launch our own original brand. And in 2012, FITNESS SF was born.

Diversity, Inclusivity and Home-Grown, are just a few words to describe how our brand has grown into a Bay Area movement. With a grassroots approach towards cultivating our staff and members, our mission is to lift up the local community. Together we will make the San Francisco Bay Area a happier, healthier place to live.

FITNESS SF is a proud partner and sits on the board of the California Fitness Alliance. CFA is focused on advocating for the fitness industry in California by increasing access to exercise for all Californians, advocating for physical activity to be considered part of the healthcare system, and educating policy makers, media and the public about the essential role of the fitness industry. CFA represents thousands of fitness operators of all sizes, fitness professionals and fitness industry vendors and suppliers. Learn more here: