These are the questions we hear a lot and hopefully you’ll find the answers below. But if you have others, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help. Please choose a section below.

Can I try out the gym or a specific class before joining?

Yes. We offer a FREE Trial for all local residents. Just select the home gym of your choice and get started! Some Restrictions Apply. See Gym For Details.
*Must provide Valid ID as proof of Bay Area/Local Residence.

Is there an age requirement to join or try the gym?

Yes. You must be at least 18 years old to join or 14 years old with the consent of a parent/guardian.

Is there parking?

YES. We offer FREE parking at most FITNESS SF locations. Once you become a member, you can obtain a parking sticker from our front desk staff by providing a photo ID and your license plate number.

My company is interested in a Corporate Wellness Program, who should I contact?

Please fill out our Corporate Wellness Inquiry form and someone will contact after we have received your submission.

How do I register for Group X classes?

Currently, all of our Group X classes are walk-in classes. First come, First serve. (With the exception of Oakland Spin® Classes . Please call to reserve a bike the day of.)

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, please email and you will receive a confirmation from our Membership Department. We require a 15 day notice before your next billing date to not be auto-debited for the following month.

How do I freeze my membership?

To freeze your membership, please email and you will receive a confirmation from our Membership Department. We require a 15 day notice before your next billing date to not be auto-debited for the following month.

Medical Freezes are allowed for up to 12 consecutive months. Must provide medical note before freezing. There are no retroactive freezes allowed.

Non-Medical Freezes are allowed for up to 3 consecutive months in the calendar year and can only be frozen in increments of 30 days. The freeze fee is $20 per month (If you wish to re-activate your membership before your scheduled “return date”, then the full monthly membership amount will be charged). There are no retroactive freezes allowed.

How do I upgrade my membership to All Gym Access?

You can upgrade your membership by emailing Please state your Full Name and Member Number if available.

How do I change my billing information?

You have the option of updating it in person with our Front Desk staff, through the Online Member Portal or through the FITNESS SF Mobile App.

How can I check my usage?

You are able to see your check-in history through the Online Member Portal or the FITNESS SF Mobile App.

How do I get a username/password for the Online Member Portal/Fitness SF Mobile App?

All you have to do is provide us with an up-to-date email address and we will send you login credentials.

How do I change my username for the Online Member Portal/Mobile App?

The only way to change your username is through the Online Member Portal. Once logged in, go to My Account > Username/Password and the username and password will appear for you to change.

Is Personal Training only for beginners?

Personal Training is everyone, no matter the skill level. It’s great for beginners to help get acclimated to working out in a gym setting, learning proper technique and building a great habit. On the flip side, if you are an intermediate or advanced fitness enthusiast, personal training can help you push through that plateau or shred that last percentage of body fat. The best athletes in the world use trainers to keep them striving for excellence.

What is a FIT session? And how do I schedule my complimentary FIT session?

The FIT session is a complimentary personal training session tailored to what YOU want. Our trainers specialize in many different areas such as One-on-One Yoga, Pilates, BodyBuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Fat Loss, Functional Training, TRX, Stretching, Nutrition and much more. To schedule your complimentary FIT Session, please use the Contact Us page and select the gym you are interested in training at OR just stop by and ask to speak with the Fitness Director. They will gladly match you up with a trainer that best fits your needs.

How do I inquire about a personal trainer?

Please use the Contact Us page and select the gym you are interested in training at OR just stop by and ask to speak with the Fitness Director.

What is the refund/cancellation policy for Personal Training?

All personal training sessions and packages are purchased from FITNESS SF and not one individual trainer. All prepaid sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable. Scheduled sessions require a 24-hour cancellation notice or they will be charged. Prices are subject to change without notice and all sales are final.

Current known issue(s):

Magic login link may have intermittent issues when opening the login link email from a gmail (or any mail app) push notification (works fine with native iOS mail app)

What phones are compatible with the FITNESS SF Coach app?

The FSF Coach App is available for iphones that support iOS 9.3 or higher and Android devices that support Android v6.0 and above. However, because there are so many manufacturers and models of Android phones, occasionally there are models that are not supported due to screen size/resolution or other factors. If a new user cannot find the app in the store, their phone may not be supported. In this case, contact our team so we can confirm.

What if I am already a FSF member, how do I get the FITNESS SF Coach App?

You will receive an email invitation to download the app.  If you have not received the email, contact support.

I received an email invitation to download the app, but I’m unable to activate my account FITNESS SF Coach app

Please go to the FITNESS SF contact form and enter your Member ID and new unique email address

What do I get if I’m an active FSF member?

Paying FSF members receive full access to the entire library of workouts and training plans, as well as all special features including the VO2 Max calculator.

What if I am non-FSF member, but want the FITNESS SF Coach App?

This app is available for download in iTunes, Google Play Store and the Samsung Galaxy store.

Upon downloading the app and creating a new user, you’ll automatically receive a 14-day free trial of the FSF subscription. To continue the benefits of the subscription, you can choose to subscribe at a price of $5.99 per month or $39.99 per year.        

What do I get if I don’t want to subscribe to the FITNESS SF Coach App?

Without an active subscription, you’ll have access to 4 pre-selected workouts as well as the Tracking Only workout option. Users without an active subscription do not have access to the VO2 Max feature.

How do I cancel my FITNESS SF Coach App subscription?

Your subscription is managed through whichever app store you downloaded the app from. Follow the instructions below for the appropriate app store.

iPhone App Store
1.    Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, then select iTunes & App Store.
2.    Select your Apple ID at the top, then tap View Apple ID from the popup menu.
3.    Enter your password when prompted and select OK.
4.    Tap Subscriptions, then select the name of the subscription you’d like to cancel or modify.
5.    Turn the Auto-Renewal option to Off.

Google Play Store
1.    Launch the Google Play Store.
2.    Tap Menu > Account > Subscriptions.
3.     Find the subscription you want to cancel, then tap Cancel.

Samsung Galaxy Apps Store
1.    Launch Galaxy Apps
2.    Tap the top right corner > My Apps > Receipt.
3.    Select the item you want to cancel, then tap Unsubscribe.

How do I check-in?

When viewing the home screen, tap “Easy Check-In” button, then scan the QR code.

How do I view class schedules?

Tap menu (in the upper left hand corner)>Classes>select appropriate gym.

How do I find a trainer at my gym?

Navigate to the bottom of home screen, select gym location, and available trainers will populate.  Select a trainer’s image to view their profile and contact information.

What Heart Rate Monitors are compatible with the FITNESS SF Coach App?

The FSF Coach App will connect to most third party heart rate monitors that support Bluetooth 4.0+. Also available are the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear. **Please note that proprietary heart rate monitors, including Fitbit and Garmin devices, will not provide heart rate data.

How do I connect to a Heart Rate Monitor?

Follow the steps below to sync your heart monitor with the FSF Coach App:
1. Turn on the Bluetooth option in your phone’s settings.
2. Wear your heart monitor per manufacturer requirements.
3. Tap the menu icon ☰, then tap Connect Sensors.
4. Your heart monitor should appear in the list of devices. Tap it so it shows as “Connected.”

What if I do not see my Heart Rate Monitor in the Connect Sensors screen to connect to?

If you do not see the heart monitor in the Sensors screen, make sure it is turned on and within range (according to device specifications).

How do I connect with Apple Health?

Connect the FSF Coach App with Apple Health and enable heart rate, distance and workouts in the Sources section of Apple Health. Make sure to turn on both READ and WRITE categories.

Tips for using the Apple Watch:

The FSF Coach App for Apple Watch can be used in two ways: As a heart monitor in tandem with the phone app, or on a stand-alone basis without the phone present. You must have the FSF app installed on the Apple watch in order to use it as a heart rate monitor. If you prefer to do workouts without your phone, you can sync up to three workouts at a time to the Apple watch and complete them, using a Bluetooth headset to hear audio coaching. To send a workout to your Apple watch, tap the ‘ADD’ watch icon next to the workout in your “My Workouts” list, or on the workout information screen.

Connecting/Heart Rate Display

If you are experiencing trouble connecting and/or receiving heart rate data, we recommend you “force quit” the FSF Coach App on your watch. This will reboot your watch app and allow your HR to display and coaching to directly properly into the ideal zones.

Apple Watch
1.  Press and hold down the side button until the shutdown screen appears.
2.  Release the side button, then press and hold the Digital Crown to force quit.

Regarding the Heart Rate display, the Apple watch works a little differently than most heart monitors because it only takes heart rate every few seconds, rather than continuously. Due to the technology of the device, there may be a slight delay in the heart rate display in the app. Usually your heart rate graph will populate with correct information at the conclusion of the workout.

How do I set my Heart Rate Zones?

Some workouts in the FSF workout library offer responsive heart rate training with prescribed heart rate zones. If you use a heart monitor, you can get the most out of these workouts by completing the FITNESS SF Calibration Workout, which will set custom zones based on your personal fitness level.  Before you begin, prepare for 20 minutes of uninterrupted running/walking.

Complete these steps to calibrate your heart rate zones:
1. Select the main menu icon ☰, then select Connect Sensors.
2. Wear your heart monitor according to manufacturer instructions. Wait for the device to appear, then tap it to connect. Tap ‘Close’ to return to the home screen.
3. Select the My Workouts button, then select The FITNESS SF Calibration Workout (or ‘Set Heart Rate Zones.’)
4. Select Start and follow the prompts for the duration of the workout.
5. Once you’ve completed the workout, you can view your calculated zones by navigating to the main menu ☰ > Settings > Heart Rate Zones.
6. Select Latest Calibration to view your calculated zones.

***Note: Instead of setting your zones through the calibration workout, you can choose ‘Calculated Default’ (estimated from your biometric data) or enter a ‘Custom Value’ if you already know your Lactate Threshold.**

What is my VO2 Max/Fitness Number? What does that mean?

The FITNESS SF Coach App can provide an accurate estimate of your personal VO2 Max number whenever you complete outdoor running/walking workouts with a heart monitor. VO2 Max is a measure of aerobic capacity, or the maximum rate at which the body is able to consume oxygen during exercise. It is a reliable indicator of cardiovascular fitness. The upper limit of your VO2 Max depends partly on your age and gender.

The FSF Coach App can determine your VO2 Max (i.e. fitness level) to within 96% accuracy of a laboratory test.

Your VO2 Max will be calculated each time you complete an outdoor running workout with GPS running and while wearing a heart rate monitor.

How can I review my VO2 Max?

To find your VO2 Max result, navigate to the main menu ☰ and tap your profile picture. Your most recent VO2 Max will be listed as “My Fitness Level.”

Note: Your VO2 max will not be calculated with an indoor treadmill workout. Distance tracking via GPS is necessary to obtain a result.

What does my workout score mean?

The workout score measures your compliance with staying within the coach’s target zones during the workout. For example, a score of 50% indicates that you were in the target zone half of the time. A score of N/A indicates that the workout is not measuring your score.

How can I manage my User Profile?

Update your profile at any time to update your list of workout recommendations by following the steps below:

1.   From the app home screen, tap the main menu ☰, then tap your profile picture.
2.  Your Profile screen is where you can fill out data about your workout preferences. You can select your preferred activities, workout duration and fitness level.
3.  Tap the x icon on the bottom, then tap the right side of the screen to return to the home screen.
4.  See Recommended Workouts section.

How do I change my units to metric?

The FSF Coach App defaults to imperial units, but you can change them to metric with the following steps:

1. Navigate to the main menu ☰.
2. Tap your profile picture, then tap ‘Edit’.
3. Change the units option on this screen.
Note: If you find that the units aren’t saving, try logging out of the app after you make the change.

How can get to My Workouts?

The My Workouts link, which houses all of your downloaded workouts, can be accessed from the My Workouts button at the bottom of the home screen. Once you download a workout to your My Workouts library, you can access it any time without a network connection.

The My Workouts screen always includes links to the following:
Tracking Only workout
Calibration Workout

Can I sort My Workouts?

If you are using the iPhone app, you can sort workouts so that your favorites appear at the top of the list. Find and tap the star icon on a workout in the My Workouts screen. The star icon will now appear white. All “starred” workouts will be appear at the top of the list.

What does the “Tracking Only” option provide?

Using the Tracking Only option, you can track your time, distance, speed, heart rate and calories burned, without doing a coached workout. Find this option on the My Workouts screen. Keep in mind that you must have Location Services turned on to track distance and speed and you must have a heart monitor connected for a calorie estimate.

How do I select workouts and workout plans?

There are many ways to discover new workouts in the FSF Coach App. Learn more about each below.

Training Plans:  Swipe through the rotating banners at the top of the home screen to find themed workout packs that will help you meet your fitness and training goals.

Home Screen Modules:  As you navigate down the home screen, you’ll notice quick and easy ways to find and start a workout. With the Activity module, simply select any activity to receive a list of workouts from that category. If you have a specific amount of time available, use the Duration module to see workouts based on time frame. The Coaches module will give you a list of a specific coach’s.

Workout Search:  Tap the search icon in the top right corner of the home screen to open the workout search. Choose activity, length, level location, and workouts/training plans, or use the keyword search.

Recommended Workout:  Access the Recommended Workouts sectionfrom the homepage.

These workouts are curated based on your goals, workout preferences, fitness level and stats. To   adjust your recommendations, update your profile with goals, activities and biometric data.

Can I view my workout history?

To view your history of workouts, tap the main menu ☰, then tap History. The History screen provides a breakdown of all of your saved workouts, viewable by Week, Month, Year, or Total (all time). The default view shows your history in graph form, along with total time, mileage, calories, steps, and number of workouts from the selected time frame. To view the individual workout data from the selected time frame, tap the > button showing the total workouts.  You can then tap to select a workout and view all of the data from that workout, including heart rate graph, time, distance/map, and VO2 Max (if applicable).

How do I delete a workout?

From your workout history screen, find the workout you want to delete, swipe left, then tap the Delete button.

Playing Music

When you start your workout, the FITNESS SF Coach Music will begin (at no extra cost to you!)

If you are interested in a particular genre of music, tap the option below that best fits your taste.  Unfortunately, you cannot create a playlist at this time, but you are able to easily toggle between types of music at your leisure!

You can also stream music via third party apps by starting you music, then hitting “Start” to begin your workout.

How do I adjust volume of coaching and music?

If you are finding that the music or coaching volume needs adjusting, take the following steps to adjust the audio balance:

Tap the main menu ☰, then select Settings > Workout Audio. Here you can set the volume balance between Music and Coaching. You can also set the information that is provided for on-demand, periodic and event stats.

While a workout is in progress, you can adjust the audio balance by selecting the gear icon to the left of the workout control buttons, and change the balance by sliding the dot toward “coach” or “music.”

How does the screen lock work?

You can lock the screen when running a workout by selecting the “lock” icon located in the bottom center of the Workout screen. This allows you to hear audio stats/prompts by tapping anywhere on the locked screen. It also keeps the screen active during the workout. Simple swipe to unlock the screen.